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NOTICE - February 2017

The BVSB Corridor Management Plan (CMP) has been reviewed and concurred byPennDOT and has gotten final approval.

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Overview of the Pennsylvania

Brandywine Valley Scenic Byway

In June 2001 , Pennsylvania Department of Transportation’s  Program Management  Committee approved a Byways initiative for the state of Pennsylvania.  The purpose of this initiative is to designate routes that have one or more outstanding scenic, historic, cultural, recreational, archaeological, or natural features as Pennsylvania Byways, in an effort to support local initiatives to sustain and promote these features.  Specifically, the initiative is intended to support local planning initiatives to enhance and improve the visual impact of specific routes, maintain the natural resources and intrinsic qualities along specific routes, and educate residents and visitors of the history and culture of the Commonwealth.

The Pennsylvania Brandywine Valley Scenic Byway effort was initiated in 2002 by a diverse group of community leaders, stakeholders, and byway enthusiasts who recognized the richness of the resources, the uniqueness of the landscape, and the potential of the area to qualify for scenic byway designation.  This grass roots volunteer effort evolved into a Steering Committee composed of representatives from seven municipalities spanning Chester and Delaware Counties: Pennsbury, Kennett, East Marlborough, Pocopson, Birmingham, East Bradford, and Chadds Ford Townships. (more....)


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        The late great Howie Wyeth was one of the premier stride and ragtime piano players of his generation. Howard Pyle Wyeth (April 22, 1944 – March 27, 1996) was born in Jersey City, New Jersey and moved to Chadds Ford in 1958. His father was Nathaniel Wyeth, an inventor and Engineering Fellow with the duPont Company. His mother was Caroline Pyle of Wilmington, Delaware. NC Wyeth, the famous illustrator from Chadds Ford, Pennsylvania, was one of his grandparents, as was Ellen Pyle. Howie is the namesake of Howard Pyle, his great-uncle, the "Dean of American Illustrators". After college, Howie settled in New York City where he was best known for being the drummer (and occasional pianist) for Bob Dylan on the Rolling Thunder Revue in 1974 & 1975.

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