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How To Use Rizom Lab RizomUV 2018.0.95 For Efficient UV Mapping

In this article, we will review some of the features and benefits of Rizom Lab RizomUV 2018.0.95 and how it can help you create stunning UV maps for your 3D models.

How to use Rizom Lab RizomUV 2018.0.95 for efficient UV mapping

What is UV mapping?

UV mapping is the process of assigning 2D coordinates to the vertices of a 3D mesh, so that a 2D image (called a texture) can be wrapped around it. UV mapping is essential for adding details, colors and realism to your 3D models.

However, UV mapping can be a challenging and time-consuming task, especially for complex or organic shapes. You need to find the best way to cut and unfold your 3D mesh into a flat 2D layout, without creating distortions, overlaps or gaps. You also need to optimize the use of the available UV space and avoid wasting pixels.

How can Rizom Lab RizomUV 2018.0.95 help you with UV mapping?

Rizom Lab RizomUV 2018.0.95 is a UV mapping software that aims to make your life easier by providing you with powerful and easy-to-use tools for creating and editing UV maps. Here are some of the features and benefits of Rizom Lab RizomUV 2018.0.95:

  • It has a fast and robust unfolding algorithm that can flatten any mesh in seconds, with or without seams.

  • It has a smart auto seam toolset that can segment your mesh into islands automatically or semi-automatically, based on various criteria such as angle, curvature or material.

  • It has a flexible and intuitive user interface that allows you to customize your workflow and access various tools and options with ease.

  • It has a tight packing algorithm that can arrange your islands efficiently on the UV space, with options to group, lock, stack, orient and scale them.

  • It has a powerful optimize tool that can reduce the stretch and distortion of your UV map, using a distance-based signal that gives better results than conventional methods.

  • It has a C++ library (SDK) that allows you to integrate Rizom Lab RizomUV into your own pipeline or application, with access to almost all the features of the standalone software.

  • It supports Windows, Linux and MacOS platforms and can import and export various file formats such as OBJ, FBX, STL and more.

How to get started with Rizom Lab RizomUV 2018.0.95?

If you want to try out Rizom Lab RizomUV 2018.0.95 for yourself, you can download a free trial version from their website. You can also watch some tutorials and videos on their YouTube channel or read their documentation to learn more about the software.

If you are convinced by the power and efficiency of Rizom Lab RizomUV 2018.0.95, you can purchase a license from their shop. They offer different editions for different needs and budgets: Virtual Spaces (for games, VFX and animations), Real Space (for manufacturing and engraving) and SDK (for custom pipelines).


Rizom Lab RizomUV 2018.0.95 is a powerful tool for 3D artists who want to create stunning UV maps for their models. It offers fast and robust algorithms, smart and flexible tools, intuitive and customizable interface, cross-platform compatibility and integration possibilities.

If you are looking for a UV mapping software that can save you time and hassle, you should definitely give Rizom Lab RizomUV 2018.0.95 a try. 04f6b60f66


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