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Gumroad Mel Script Pack

Gumroad Mel Script Pack :::

Gumroad Mel Script Pack

Gumroad â Mel Script Pack: A Collection of Scripts and Tools for Autodesk Maya

If you are a Maya user who wants to speed up your workflow, improve your modeling, UV mapping, and texturing skills, and create stunning 3D art, you need to check out the Gumroad â Mel Script Pack. This pack is a collection of scripts and tools created by Malcolm Andrieshyn, a professional 3D artist and instructor who has worked on AAA games and films. The pack contains over 30 scripts and tools that cover various aspects of Maya, such as:

Marmoset Export Toolbox: A script that allows you to quickly export your models and textures from Maya to Marmoset Toolbag, a powerful real-time rendering software.

UV Edges Toolbox: A script that helps you create clean and optimized UV maps for your models, with features such as edge selection, edge straightening, edge alignment, edge spacing, and more.

Fastest Way to Produce Normal Map Stamps: A script that lets you create high-quality normal map stamps from any mesh in Maya, with options to adjust the resolution, intensity, and angle of the stamp.

Obj Import Export Toolbox: A script that simplifies the process of importing and exporting OBJ files in Maya, with options to choose the file path, file name, file format, and more.

One Click Import/Export Selection: A script that enables you to import or export selected objects from one Maya scene to another with just one click.

Xray Selected Objects: A script that toggles the Xray mode for selected objects in Maya, making it easier to see through them and work on other parts of the scene.

Instant Reference Planes: A script that creates reference planes from selected file nodes in Maya, allowing you to quickly set up image planes for modeling or texturing.

Delete Empty Groups: A script that cleans up your scene by deleting any empty groups in Maya.

Fast Open Close: A script that opens or closes selected objects in Maya with one keystroke.

Special Transform Tools: A script that provides you with some handy transform tools in Maya, such as snap to grid, snap to vertex, snap to curve, snap to surface, align to normal, align to world, and more.

Vert Snapping Toolbox: A script that helps you snap vertices to other vertices in Maya, with options to snap by distance, by axis, by closest point, by average point, and more.

Create Primitive at Selection: A script that creates a primitive object at the location of your selection in Maya, with options to choose the type, size, and orientation of the primitive.

Axis Aligned Lattice Deformer: A script that creates a lattice deformer that is aligned to the world axis or the object axis in Maya, giving you more control over the deformation of your mesh.

Mirror and Instance Toolbox: A script that allows you to mirror or instance selected objects in Maya, with options to choose the axis, the pivot point, the offset distance, and more.

Clean Combine, Extract, Dupe Faces: A script that performs some common operations on faces in Maya, such as combining multiple objects into one mesh, extracting faces into separate objects,

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