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Ratatat Remixes Vol 1 And 2 Torrent

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Ratatat Remixes Vol 1 and 2: Where to Find and Download Them

Ratatat is an electronic duo from New York that has released five studio albums and two remix albums. The remix albums, titled Ratatat Remixes Vol 1 and 2, feature reworked versions of songs by various hip-hop artists, such as Missy Elliot, G-Unit, Raekwon, Kanye West and more. The remixes showcase Ratatat's signature style of blending guitar riffs, synthesizers, beats and samples.

However, finding and downloading these remix albums can be a challenge, as they were never officially released by Ratatat or their label. They were only distributed as promotional CDs or online downloads on their website or through file-sharing platforms. As a result, many of the links to download them are either expired or unreliable.

Fortunately, there are still some ways to get your hands on these remix albums. Here are some of the options:

Reddit: Some Reddit users have shared their copies of the remix albums on various subreddits, such as r/Ratatat[^1^] and r/Music[^4^]. You can find links to download them in FLAC or MP3 format from Google Drive or other sources. However, these links may not last forever, so you should act fast if you want to download them.

SoundCloud: You can also stream the remix albums on SoundCloud[^3^], where a user named ratatat remixes has uploaded them. You can listen to them online or use a third-party tool to download them as MP3 files. However, you should be aware that the sound quality may not be optimal and that downloading from SoundCloud may violate their terms of service.

Torrent: Another option is to use a torrent client to download the remix albums from a peer-to-peer network. You can find torrent files for the remix albums on sites like RuTracker[^2^], where they are available in FLAC format. However, you should be careful when using torrents, as they may contain viruses or malware and may infringe on the rights of the artists.

As you can see, there are several ways to find and download Ratatat Remixes Vol 1 and 2, but none of them are perfect or risk-free. You should always respect the artists and their work and support them by buying their official releases if possible. Ratatat Remixes Vol 1 and 2 are great examples of Ratatat's creativity and talent, and they deserve to be heard by more people.

Not only are Ratatat Remixes Vol 1 and 2 enjoyable to listen to, but they also showcase Ratatat's skill and creativity as remixers and producers. Rather than simply adding their signature sound to the existing tracks, they rework them in ways that bring out new dimensions and emotions. They also manage to balance their own style with the original rap vocals, creating a harmonious blend of genres and influences.

Some of the remixes have received critical acclaim from music reviewers and fans alike. For example, Pitchfork gave Remixes Vol 1 a 7.0 rating and praised Ratatat's \"glitchy metallic rhythms\" and \"lustrous geek funk\"[^1^]. AllMusic also gave a positive review to Remixes Vol 2, calling it \"the indie underground's most successful appropriation of mainstream rap\" and highlighting Ratatat's \"transcendent remix\" of The Notorious B.I.G.'s \"Party & Bullshit\"[^2^].

Ratatat Remixes Vol 1 and 2 are not only great examples of Ratatat's musical versatility and talent, but also of their love and respect for hip-hop culture and history. They pay homage to some of the most influential and popular rap artists of all time, while also adding their own unique twist and flavor. They also introduce their fans to some lesser-known or underrated rap gems, such as Devin the Dude's \"The Mule\" or Saigon's \"We Gon' Ride\". 9160f4acd4


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