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Tone2 Complete Bundle V2013

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Tone2 Complete Bundle V2013: A Review of the Ultimate Synth and Effect Collection

If you are looking for a comprehensive set of synthesizers and effects that can cover a wide range of musical genres and styles, you might want to check out the Tone2 Complete Bundle V2013. This bundle includes all the Tone2 software instruments, effects and soundbanks for Windows (VST) and Mac (VST,AU) (32bit and 64bit versions) [^1^]. Here are some of the highlights of this amazing package:

Gladiator: This award-winning synth is based on the exclusive HCM-synthesis, which offers a new and unique aural territory. It can create anything from warm pads, fat basses, crisp leads, epic choirs, organic sounds and more [^2^]. It also comes with several expansions and soundsets that add hundreds of presets to your library.

ElectraX: This powerful workstation is not only a synth, but also a complete synthesis solution. It features multi-synthesis oscillators, analog modeled filters, chaotic fractals, samples, flexible modulation and an immense sonic range. It can produce sounds impossible with other synths [^2^]. It also includes several soundsets that cover various genres and styles.

Firebird+: This synth is based on the innovative Harmonic Content Morphing synthesis, which can create smooth transitions between different waveforms. It can generate rich and dynamic sounds with minimal CPU usage [^2^]. It also comes with several expansions that enhance its sonic capabilities.

BiFilter2: This effect plugin is a high-end quality stereo filter module. It offers 47 different filter types, including classic analog filters, vocal filters, comb filters, FM filters and more. It also has a distortion section, a feedback section and an LFO section for creating complex modulations [^2^].

FilterBank3: This effect plugin is a versatile filter effect with a modular design. It can act as a synthesizer, a vocoder, a wah-wah pedal, a phaser, a flanger and more. It has 58 different filter types, 10 distortion types, 11 modulation sources and 12 effects [^2^].

AkustiX: This effect plugin is a collection of six essential enhancement tools. It includes an equalizer, a stereo enhancer, a panner, a compressor, a transient designer and a reverb. It can improve the sound quality of any instrument or voice with ease [^2^].

Warmverb: This effect plugin is a multi-effect unit that can create various types of reverb and delay effects. It has 38 different algorithms that can be combined in various ways. It also has a modular feedback network that can create complex feedback effects [^2^].

Saurus: This synth is an extremely authentic emulation of analog synthesizers. It covers all important aspects of the most famous and expensive analog synths, but without obstacles or disadvantages. It can produce warm, silky and creamy tones with low CPU usage [^2^].

Rayblaster: This synth is based on the revolutionary Impulse Modeling Synthesis, which is not just a marketing buzzword - but a radically new and different approach to synthetic sound generation. It can create sounds that are exclusive to Rayblaster and impossible with other synths [^2^].

Nemesis: This synth can do all classic digital synthesis methods as well as a new approach called NeoFM. NeoFM is more powerful and easier to program than traditional FM. It offers superior sound quality and a signature-sound that is capable of providing warm, silky and creamy tones [^2^].

Icarus: This synth is the most powerful synthesizer available on the market. The award-winning audio-engine provides a gigantic sonic range, offers true high-end sound quality and creates a wide range of sounds impossible with other synths. It also ships with 1761 hand-picked patches created by professionals [^2^].

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