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Black Moth Super Rainbow Discography Zip

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Black Moth Super Rainbow: A Psychedelic Journey Through Their Discography

Black Moth Super Rainbow is a band that defies easy categorization. Their music blends elements of experimental, psychedelic, pop, and electronic genres, creating a unique and captivating sound. Their discography spans over two decades and includes several albums, EPs, collaborations, and side projects. Here is a brief overview of their discography and how to download it in zip format.

Falling Through a Field (2003): The debut album by Black Moth Super Rainbow, originally released under the name Satanstompingcaterpillars. It features lo-fi production, distorted vocals, and whimsical melodies. Download link:

Start a People (2004): The second album by Black Moth Super Rainbow, and the first one under their current name. It showcases their signature sound of vintage synthesizers, vocoder vocals, and psychedelic pop. Download link:

The House of Apples and Eyeballs (2006): A collaborative album with fellow experimental band The Octopus Project. It combines the styles of both bands into a colorful and playful sonic adventure. Download link:

Dandelion Gum (2007): The third album by Black Moth Super Rainbow, and their most acclaimed one to date. It features more polished production, catchy hooks, and dreamy atmospheres. Download link:

Eating Us (2009): The fourth album by Black Moth Super Rainbow, and their most accessible one to date. It was produced by Dave Fridmann, who also worked with bands like The Flaming Lips and MGMT. It features more pop-oriented songs, but still retains the band's quirky charm. Download link:

Cobra Juicy (2012): The fifth album by Black Moth Super Rainbow, and their most aggressive one to date. It was funded by a Kickstarter campaign that offered various rewards to the backers, such as masks with USB flash drives containing the album. It features more guitar-driven songs, but still incorporates the band's synth-heavy sound. Download link:

SeeFu Lilac (2016): A mini-album by Black Moth Super Rainbow, released as a surprise on their Bandcamp page. It features more ambient and experimental tracks, with minimal vocals and lyrics. Download link:

Panic Blooms (2018): The sixth and latest album by Black Moth Super Rainbow, and their darkest one to date. It reflects the band's reaction to the state of the world, with themes of anxiety, depression, and isolation. It features more distorted and glitchy sounds, but also some of the band's most beautiful moments. Download link: 248dff8e21


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